Friday, May 24, 2013

A Quick Update

    Just wanted to keep everyone up to date....
We are back in the hospital right now (which is going to happen a lot!), because our little Hazelnut has an infection.  We were admitted on Thursday and will be here until she has 3 days of clean blood cultures (results can take up to 48 hours), so we are settling in for a longer stay.  Her cultures from yesterday were not clear, so please pray for this infection to clear up quickly!!!  When we were home, she was in a lot of pain and spiked a fever, so I called the hospital immediately.  They had us come right over and got us into a room as soon as they could (it still took about 6 hours!).  The fever is now gone, so I am very relieved!  And with the pain medication and antibiotics they have her on, she is feeling so much better already.  There is still a little pain/discomfort, so also pray for God to heal her and bring her some relief!  Despite all of this, she has continued to be her chipper self!  She absolutely amazes me!  Thank you all for remembering my daughter, and I hope the next update I can give you will find us home and healthy!


  1. Lauren, you are such a great mommy and wife. I am so proud that you are my sister in law. I love reading about how you are teaching your children God's truths along this journey. You have a solid foundation. You know where your strength is. In our weakness, he is strong. The scriptures about be joyful always or joy in tough times comes to mind. You are an example of this. I see joy in you even in the midst of the most terrible storm. We may feel all kinds of different emotions: fear, grief, confusion. But we know God's truth. That he will never leave us. We know his joy in the hardest situations: a smile from Hazel even when she doesn't feel good. We know Him and His love regardless of what we feel or see around us. Good job. I don't really know what to say. I just wanted to encourage you. I can't imagine how this feels. You and your family are amazing. We love you guys and are doing battle for you in prayer.
    Laura Murray (Jen's Sister)

    1. Thank you Laura...this just made my night :)