Saturday, March 21, 2015

Scan Results

     For those of you who may not have been aware, our little Hazelnut's scans got rescheduled to this past Thursday.  These particular scans were extremely nerve-wracking for our family because we were paying attention to a spot that her doctor referred to "residual disease".  If there was any growth at all, then Hazel would have to begin some sort of treatment once again.  So our hopes and prayers were that this spot would either completely disappear or remain stable.

     Her doctor called me yesterday evening with the results.  He said that the scan revealed that the spot was still there, but it actually looked a bit fainter this time!!!!!!!!!!!!  He said this may have just been the way the scan picked it up and maybe next time it may look back to what it was before, but the point is that is has remained completely stable!!  This means that this residual disease is more than likely not active, but we will always have to keep an extremely close eye on it.

     Although we are overjoyed with this news, her doctor was very clear in saying that he cannot declare her NED or cancer-free, so unfortunately we can no longer claim that for our daughter.  But for our purposes, I will celebrate the fact that our little Hazelnut has been 11 months with stable and not active residual disease and I will take that as a victory!  Our God has held her in His hands through her whole journey, and today is no different.  So I will continue to rest in the fact that HE HAS GOT THIS!!!