Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ways To Help

     First, let me start by saying how absolutely humbled Aaron and I are by the outpouring of love and support we have received over these last days.  We are so blessed to have such an army behind us to fight this thing!  When Hazel is older, I cannot wait to tell her about all of you!
     That being said, I have had so many inquiries about how people can help, and I have a few things I can share with you.

  • I have added three links on the side of our blog:
    • Donate To Hazel's Fund- This link will take you to the wonderful Talbert Family Foundation.  They have so graciously offered to match the first $5000 dollars raised, and sends us weekly checks of any donations (100% goes directly to us!)  Any fundraising event that we set up can also coordinate with them!  
    • Meal Calendar- You can search for our name and enter our code 4293.  This will definitely be an ongoing need.
    • Donate Blood- Hazel, and all the children at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), will be in need of blood and platelets.  You can make an appointment through contacting their blood bank.  Hazel's blood type is A+
  • Grocery gift cards
  • Gas Cards
  • Cash Donations
  • Playdates with Hazel's siblings
     Obviously, at this point, I will not know everything we will be in need of.  As soon as we begin to navigate through this journey, we will keep you updated on our needs.  But most importantly, continue to pray fervently!


  1. Both my mom and I are A+... we would love to donate blood to/for Hazel!

  2. I want to send a care package to Hazel (filled with toys and goodies) what address can I send it to?

  3. grocery cards and gas cards I can definitely do.. also, care-packages - I agree with 'Anonymous' above. I tried to see what Hazelnut's birthday is (I know that is private and I TOTALLY respect that) I am helping out with another child I know of (not personally known) who had a card-campaign for her birthday. getting mail can be a very exciting thing for a child.. cards with pictures, a teddy bear to snuggle with.. all things to take her mind OFF doctors, and put her mind on 2-year old fun. little hazelnut is always in my thoughts and prayers ~no one so young should have to endure so much~