Monday, April 22, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope

Bone scan just came back negative!!! This means it has not spread to the bone and makes it less likely to be a higher risk tumor! Our little Hazelnut is in the OR right now for a biopsy and bone marrow test (which is separate from the bone, so we are praying it hasn't spread there), and is expected to be finished in an hour.
The bone scan is just one piece of this giant puzzle, but it definitely gives us some relief. Our God is good!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dear Lauren, I know u do not remeber me but I keep up with your family thru pix sent by ur grandparents and occassional visits with your parents. Just know that you have the prayers of people that you do not even know but who know about you. Hazel is a beautiful little one and you all will be in my prayers until ur ordeal is over and u have ur healthy Hazelnut back at home. Warmly, cora watkins

  2. So glad to read this update! I hope there's more good news to come :) My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!
    -- Carrie

  3. Lauren & Aaron,

    I am very proud of how you guys are handling this situation. I know this is extremely hard but I also see God's hand. Please do not stress out that you have to handle everything perfectly in order to display God's presence in your lives, it's already very evident. Just let Him be there with you and go through it with you. Remember, Jesus LOVES little children and He loves our little Hezelnut!

    Dad (Jerry)

  4. God is definitely good, man. Heartbroken for you guys as I see all this news, but glad to see some positive updates, and will absolutely be praying that all turns out well and your little girl is back home and healthy soon.

  5. Ran across your blog from a friend in Nashville, TN. Just wanted to let you know I am praying for you guys! Looking forward to good news blogs!

  6. Hi Lauren,
    Even though we never met, I know so much about you from your mother Linda, and your dear grandparents, who were my patients at one time. We still keep in touch , even since I retried about 13 years ago.
    I just wanted to tell you how much I care about your daughter , Hazel, and wish her all the luck in the world.
    LOve, Aryeh Edelist.