Monday, November 16, 2015

Giving Back

     The months of September, October and this first half of November were very busy for our family!  We took part in several childhood cancer awareness events, celebrated both of my son's birthdays (they both were born in October!) and my husband's birthday (early Novemeber), had two weekend trips out of town, and so much more.  Beyond the extra fun, there was also still the minutia of daily life with 5 children!  During all of this, Hazel has just been doing remarkably well!  Since her last set of scans, where her doctor finally felt comfortable to say she is NED, she has been enjoying the life of a very normal and enthusiastic 4 year old.  She absolutely LOVES school, dance class, craft time, helping me cook in the kitchen and taking part in her responsibilities in our family.  

     Another thing that has kept me busy is a project that our family has been working on, and I am thrilled to share it with all of you! Something that has remained constant for our family since Hazel's diagnosis, has been the desire to give back to the community who rallied around us for all of those months and to the many organizations who lovingly and effectively bring the much needed funds and awareness to Childhood Cancer.

     So we have launched a new website called "Hope With Hazel"! We hope to bring much needed awareness and support for the children who have fought/are currently fighting cancer, and to the childhood cancer community through fundraising events, awareness campaigns and by providing others with the tools and resources to do the same.  We aim to come along side other local and national non-profit organizations to aide them in their efforts toward the same goal. 

     When you visit our new website, you will see that our very first fundraiser has begun! This season we are raising money for The Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.  To do this, we are selling these Childhood Cancer Candy Cane Ornaments.  For every ornament sold, we will also give one to a child to is inpatient at Children's Hospital Los Angeles at Christmas time. Currently our goal is 120 ornaments, and we have 90 left in stock (as of 11/14/15). We will be distributing these on a first come, first serve basis, so don't delay!  If we get a larger response and exceed our goal, our hope is to make more, and we will donate an ornament, for every ornament purchased, to a Pediatric Oncology Nurse!

     For more information, visit, click on the "EVENTS" page and find out how you can make a donation!


  1. Kisses and hugs to our champion

  2. thanks for your blog, I just started a blog of our granddoughter she is almost 3 and heard a week ago, that she has Wilms tumor, your blog is very hopefull. We live in Holland, the chemo is just started today.

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