Monday, August 31, 2015


      Our family has had two years of very unusual summers. Summer of 2013 was filled with heartache, treatments, and many separations for our family. Summer of 2014 our little Hazelnut was just wrapping up treatment, and we also had a brand new baby.  Although filled with much more joy than the previous year, we were still overwhelmed by having to adjust to another new phase of life.  We also were still struggling to navigate those first few months after treatment. Months filled with joy, sadness, fear, anxiety and so much more. 

     So as we approached Summer of 2015, I definitely wanted to make up for lost time!  Therefore, I packed our summer full of activities and experiences that not only Hazel, but the whole family missed out on the past two years (which clearly explains my absence from the blog).  Instead of telling you all about it, I will let the pictures speak for themselves; but before I do, let me just update you on how Hazel has been doing.


Her hair has grown out to a normal length, and we have even been braiding it!

She has gained her weight back, and I see her toddler belly again!

Her leg that was once extremely weak, is the same strength as her other leg!

She dances, sings and plays like a healthy little girl!

It appears as though cancer never touched our beautiful daughter…

     That being said, cancer is a stubborn beast, and it still touches our family each and every day.  We see it in Hazel's, and our whole family's level of PTSD.  We see it in the many children we know and follow around the world.  We see it on the scar that stretches across our daughter's belly.  We saw it this summer when Hazel had to have two suspicious moles removed, with one coming back with "abnormal cells" (cells that could later in life turn into cancer, so we went back to remove more and receive clear margins).  We saw it when I had to have an ultrasound of my right breast due to an abnormal mass (praise God it turned out to be nothing).  We see it at each doctor visit, scan, blood draw and check up.  We see this beast each and every single day.  So continue to pray for us as we live a life that will never be free of cancer, but also to be reminded that we have an AWESOME GOD who carried us through our journey and works all things together for His glory.

     Now onto the pictures!

     The following pictures were taken at my brother's wedding, where all of my children got to participate!  Hazel was one of the flower girls!

     Hazel's little sister Zoey celebrated her first birthday!  On a side note: If you do not remember, Zoey has had some issues at the base of her spine and has undergone numerous tests since October 2014.  I am please to report, that all tests continue to come back clear of issues and we will just continue to monitor her with yearly scans with a Neurosurgeon (I know, I know….more scans! Ugh! But at least she is healthy!)

     Last, but certainly not least, Hazel reached a milestone that, for many months, we feared she would not reach: She began Preschool last Tuesday!!

Sign has been blurred for safety

     As if this day wasn't exciting enough, Hazel lost her very first tooth the same day!!

     Thank you all for your patience with my missing posts this summer, and for your continues support.  Be on the look out for a post in the next few days for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, our family has some great things planned!


  1. Your family is beautiful and inspirational. Your journey is a Devine example of all that is good. May God bless you always.

  2. Parabéns pela fé e pela bondade. Isso sem dúvidas foi fundamental nessa luta. Deus sempre está presente. Muito feliz de ver a pequena Hazel vivendo como todas as crianças mereceriam: FELIZ

  3. Beautiful Family! Always in my prayers! Enjoy every day & rejoice in God's glory :)

  4. So happy to see all of you doing so great.