Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Make A Wish Trip

     In case any of you missed it, here are the results of our little Hazelnut's scans:

     We are absolutely overjoyed to be able to share this news!  It almost feels like a dream that our daughter has been and continues to be rid of the beast we call Neuroblastoma, and we couldn't be more thankful.  God has truly given our family a remarkable story of hope and faith, and I pray that we can continue to share His faithfulness with the world!

     For those of you who may not have heard, at the beginning of this month we were able to travel to Orlando, Florida for Hazel's "Make A Wish Trip" to Disney World and Universal Studios!  We had a fabulous time making memories, and especially being all together as one family unit for an entire week!  You could see how much of a difference that made for the children, and watching them be filled with joy and magic was unbelievable. Each day was packed full of so many details that I could not even begin to share, but I think these photos tell a better story anyway!

Arriving at the airport

Our first day in the Magic Kingdom

The main street electrical light parade was spectacular!

Following a pirate map in Adventureland to find treasure!
Checking to see if she is tall enough to ride
Princess Merida gave her a kiss and said, "You cannot rub it off, you can only rub it in!"

At the Animal Kingdom
The children got to be wilderness explorers for a day!

At Diagon Alley in Universal Studios
After trying butter beer!
Hogsmeade was beautiful!

My parents traveled with us to help us with the kiddos

Our home for the week at Give Kids The World Village
Pretending to sleep by Elmer the Sleeping Tree

Carousel Rides at the village

Ice Cream any time of day!  (This was such a special treat since we have cut out sugar!)
Miniature golf at the village
Swimming at the village



  1. What a beautiful family!! The pictures make me smile, so very happy that God has blessed this family! Wonderful memories!

  2. Glad you guys had a great time!

  3. Glad you were able to go as a whole family. May God bless Hazel and all of you as you give thanks for everyday you all have together.

  4. seeing these pictures brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy for all of you. Such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing the wonderful memories!!! We love you Hazel!!! The Kelly Family,

  5. This brings me tears of joy! What a wonderful experience for not only Hazel but your entire family! So glad you guys were able to make these memories. Praise our sweet God for Hazel continuing to be cancer free! I have been following her story for so long and nothing makes me happier that hearing this!!

  6. Oh my goodness! This is where I went when I had my wish! I loved seeing "Amber Ville" and having ice cream for breakfast (Mom said we had to have banana splits because they were a little bit healthy - hehe) and all the other wonderful things from staying in the village. I loved my time there. Your pictures bring back a lot of memories. I am going to have to find my photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope Hazel stays neuroblastoma free just as I have all these years :)

  7. Brought tears to my eyes! I know how these wonderful and exciting experiences with your children will last a lifetime. The pictures are precious. Give my love to your mom and dad, so grateful they were there to help and share in the experience too! Thank you Make A Wish what a wonderful gift!!
    Love you all,
    Monica Cibelli

  8. Fantastic thank you for sharing. Nice to see everyone smiling. God bless

  9. I've been following your story from the beginning of your journey and am sooo happy to hear how well little hazelnut is doing! Your family is so beautiful and loving and hazel is just an adorable little angel!

  10. Incrível! !! Quanta alegria!!! Parabéns

  11. Love it !! What a beautiful family. You deserve that and much more. I pray for you sweet Hazelnut to continue to be bless everyday with a beautiful healthy life as well as all your loving family. Love from Katy, Texas !!

  12. These pictures are wonderful! I am SO glad you all had a good time.