Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

     We have so many opportunities to share with you in how you can help bring awareness for Childhood Cancer this month!  First, please feel free to use any of the following photos to post on all of your social media sites.  We need to turn the world gold!

     Childhood Cancer Portraits
     Several months ago Hazel participated in a truly inspiring moment with Photographer Peter Doyle. After his success with his book Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom From The Journey, he wanted to help bring awareness, hope and wisdom to the world of childhood cancer. Hazel, along with 101 other children were photographed, interviewed and allowed to write handwritten notes to be featured in a beautiful book called Childhood Cancer Portraits: Wisdom From the Journey. The e-book will be released on September 1st, just in time for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Not only has Peter created a beautiful tribute to these fighters, but he is also giving back! If you click the link below and purchase the book, $5 of each sale will go directly to our family and in turn will be donated to St. Baldrick's Foundation and The Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation! Please join us in this wonderful opportunity and click and share the link! http://tinyurl.com/HazelChildhoodCancerBook
Here is a quick preview from the book:

The Carousel of Possible Dreams     
     In the U.S. about 600 children each year are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma alone. Of those 600, nearly 70% will be diagnosed at Stage 4 (metastasized) and every 16 hours one of those children will lose their life. Currently, there is no known cure or standard protocol for relapsed Neuroblastoma and for those children with advanced staged disease, they have a 50-60% chance of relapsing. This is why research is absolutely crucial!!
     To do our part in helping to put an end to this, we have joined The Festival of Children in their fundraiser The Carousel of Possible Dreams in raising money for Neuroblastoma research for the month of September! We have 1 month to raise my personal goal of $5,000.00 that will be matched dollar for dollar bringing the total to $10,000.00 for NANT (New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy) research. If all of you just donate $1.00 we could raise thousands of dollars for these kids!!!. Every donation is greatly appreciated and will help save children's lives. Please click the link below to donate to TEAM HAZEL and please share it with those you know! Thank you for your support!

The Nautica Malibu Triathlon
     The Nautica Malibu Triathlon, benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angles will happen on Sunday, September 14.  You can participate in one of two ways: 1)Register for the event (There will also be a Nautica Kids Run and Tot Trot, so kids are welcome to!) Nautica Malibu Triathlon and 2)Donate to our dear friend's the Andrade's as they honor their daughter Sophia is running and and raising $5000.  Team Sophia 

March for Childhood Cancer in Los Angeles

   Organized by the Bumpus family, whose daughter Lilly was in treatment with Hazel at CHLA, this event is hoping to bring awareness to LA!!  Meet at CHLA at 11:30am to hear a speech from Trish Bumpus and for a march down Sunset Blvd.  Be sure to come covered in gold, make a sign with who you are marching for and bring your whole family!


Whipping Childhood Cancer Challenge - Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, this challenge has you take a whipped cream pie to the face and donate $7 (7 children die each day from cancer) or if not, donate $46 (46 children in the US get diagnosed each day) to a childhood cancer charity of your choice
MaxLove #GoldSelfie- The MaxLove Project ("MaxLove Project is a nonprofit organization helping SuperKids thrive against the odds with integrative medicine and 100% LOVE") challenges you to post a Gold Selfie.  Think kitsch, gaudy, outrageous, sequined, glitter, vintage, modern, silly or glam, make gold count for kids fighting cancer. Make your #GoldSelfie count by challenging your friends, citing a childhood cancer stat, and calling out your favorite childhood cancer charity. Tweet your #GoldSelfie to your favorite influencers and share with your Instagram followers. Join up to make social media #Gold for kids fighting cancer.
#HonestLovesMax - The MaxLove Project is also partnering with The Honest Company.  For each time the hashtag #HonestLovesMax appears on any social media outlet, $1 will be donated to The MaxLove Project up to $30,000!  That's it!  No cost to you, so get posting!!
#EmpireGoGold #WolrdGoGold - Recently there has been a movement across the nation for landmarks and well known buildings to "light up" gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Unfortunately, the Empire State Building has refused time and time again, even after lighting up for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The US Open and in a bid for the Democratic National Convention.  Head on over to the Facebook page to see how you can help turn the world gold!
#ChildhoodCancerChallenge - This Facebook groups has many different challenges you can take part in to bring awareness.

     I am sure there are a ton of other ways to show your support, but this is all I have for now.  If more comes up, I will be sure to share!  Thank you all for your continued support, and as always, keep praying for Hazel and kids like her!


  1. Hazel é uma guerreira. Não canso de acompanhar as postagens. Parabéns a vocês pelo trabalho incrível que estão fazendo pelas outras crianças e pelo combate a essa doença que trás tanta tristeza. Pena que do Brasil não posso comprar o livro ou fazer doações. Caso hajam outros meios, me fale. Sucesso e bênçãos a vocês. Por um futuro livre do câncer, principalmente o infantil. Que Deus os abençoe. Com carinho Bel

  2. Dear Family-I am sitting at my computer with tears running down my face. I am so Happy to see that Hazel is doing SO well. You have been through so much and are such an amazing example to others who face such terrifying challenges. For our family Hazel has given us such hope for Mia to have the same wonderful outcome. Mia ended up on modified immunotherapy due to severe complications from the planned protocol. She has one round left to go and then we go into the same 'wait and hope" mode that you have reached. Currently Mia is "NED" so here's hoping and praying that both of these darling girls stay that way. You are so right-every day they have on this earth is a gift beyond price!