Monday, June 2, 2014

A Slice of Normalcy

     Last I posted, we were administering antibiotics to treat an infection in Our Little Hazelnut's line (central venous catheter placed in her chest), in the hopes that it would not have to be removed.  I am happy to report that they did their job and she was able to keep her her line in place!  If all continues to go well, and her end of treatment scans she will be receiving in July(!) come back clear, she will have it permanently removed during that same month.  Hazel keeps saying, "When my line comes out, I am going swimming in the cool!"  Not only is it so endearing to hear her call a swimming pool a "cool", but it just melts my heart to hear how excited she is about doing something she has missed out on for the last year.  She hasn't even been able to take a proper bath, so it will be a glorious day when we can finally allow her to be submerged in water! 
A bath in the sink because mommy's belly won't let her get down to the tub!
     Other than the antibiotics, Hazel has had a pretty uneventful couple of weeks in regards to her health; which for me is absolutely marvelous.  She has been feeling very well, has only had to go to a couple of appointments and has just been able to be a normal kid.  Something Aaron and I have been talking about lately is that is so amazing to see Hazel be just one of our kids, rather than having our whole family life revolve around her diagnosis and care.  Because we are not all focused on what Hazel needs at every moment of every day, it has made our children's relationships flourish.  Instead of catching vomit, or keeping a close eye on fevers, I have been spending my days watching them  and joining them in play, changing diapers, making meals, scheduling naps, monitoring arguments and all the other normal things that we mothers take for granted.  If you would have told me a year ago that I would be thankful to hear my kids argue, I would have thought you crazy.  But now the sounds of arguing means my children are all together under one roof, and I am actually there to help them navigate.  I have missed this more than I ever thought possible.
Making cookies!
Enjoying toast with Nutella
On an impromptu trip to Monterey, CA
     In other news, our family is finally settled into our new home!  We still have a few things left to unpack (isn't that always the case though?), but the major areas are done and we have been enjoying the new space quite immensely.  To have the weight of moving finally lifted off our shoulders is such a relief!  Also, I am now 34 weeks (about 7 1/2 months) along in my pregnancy.  Despite being utterly exhausted, I have been feeling well and things have gone very smoothly.  I thank the Lord each day for this fact knowing how difficult pregnancy can be for many women because had I have been struggling, everything else we have been going through would have become absolutely unbearable.
     Now, Hazel and I checked in last night for the week for her VERY LAST ROUND OF  IMMUNOTHERAPY!!!!  Please keep us in your prayers this week that her side effects may be minimal, it will go smoothly and we can spend Friday celebrating her last day ever as an inpatient!  


  1. This is just wonderful news! I am thrilled and typing through the tears of joy I hold for your family. You are always in our families prayers and hearts and look forward to more good news! Hazel has inspired me with her courage and unwavering spirit. May God continue to heal you and hold you in the palm of his hands.
    Much love and prayers,
    The Kelly Family, VA

  2. She melts my heart. ♥

  3. I love that with all you have going on in life, you still find time to keep us posted as to how Hazel is doing. She looks wonderful with that pretty curly hair. She's always been beautiful though. May God give Hazel a good week this week and wonderful news in July. This baby will bring must joy and love to add to your "Healthy" family LIfe.

  4. We continue to keep Hazel in prayers and the whole family too. We really understand what cancer does to the whole family dynamics. Many blessings. Fr. Dennis

  5. Jasmina from SwedenJune 2, 2014 at 10:50 PM

    Such wonderful news, i am so happy for the family...
    thinking of you

  6. Continuing to pray! Great job, Hazel!

  7. I am so thrilled to hear that everything is going well for your family and that little Hazelnut is doing so well. I pray that the Lord has completely healed her and that she'll never have to face this ever again. Best wishes and prayers for a future filled with love, hugs, giggles, butterfly kisses, and family time together making memories. Congratulations on the soon to be addition to the family. :)

  8. so lovely to hear news we all prayed and hoped for,,,, good for you sweet hazelnut,, and good luck with the new addition and new home (to all of you) your friend always,,,marie

  9. This is the best news ever, God bless her and your whole family including the little bun in the oven!

  10. I recognize that gorgeous central coast! So glad you guys got away. You look radiant, and I swear I just can't be happier for you all. Enjoy each other, Lauren. You're a beautiful family.

  11. I'm humbled with the feeling of my understanding almost one year ago, where I didn't know how or what the outcome of your angel's life would be. I was and am still enthralled with the story Hazel have presented in the reality we exist. I've witnessed and painfully watched your little angel's fight to continue this experience, and from a second hand perspective, can't fathom the first hand perspective of seeing my child at the brink of existence. I genuinely appreciate your work to provide insight as to what this journey has been for your little one, and realize this work has been excruciatingly painful to document. I've continuously kept your situation in my heart and regularly sent good thoughts and wishes your way. I don't know you, but I want nothing more than your little fighter to take what is hers. She has not only overcome this incredible barrier, which has ended many before her, but her spirit will not accept the physical hand in which she was dealt. You and this amazing little girl are iconic in your trial and provide a beacon for those who will tread the path in which you've paved. I wish nothing more than to see your lives continue as if this horrible year was just a blip in a beautiful existence. Thank you for providing this in a way others can glimpse as to what it's like to face one of life's most difficult journeys.