Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Complete Work-Up

    These last days at home have been absolutely amazing and our little Hazelnut is doing so much better! Thank you so much for thinking of us and continuing to keep us in your prayers, because we feel them! I haven't updated since arriving home because we have been really enjoying all of this family time we finally have together and have been taking advantage of every moment before heading into the stem cell transplant admission next month. Also, we have had tons of appointments at the hospital to do a complete work-up (scans, kidney test, ECHO, dental exam, etc...). This is all done to determine where Hazel's disease is exactly at so that the doctors can come to a consensus about all future treatment, and most specifically what kind of high dose Chemo and how much of it she will receive during the transplant.  This will (prayerfully) be the very last infusion of Chemo our little Hazelnut will EVER receive, and I am so looking forward to that moment that it is done. However, this particular chemo's job is to wipe out her entire immune system and leave her with no defenses so that when they give back her stem cells we collected months ago, she can regrow a brand new immune system that will be stronger and more resistant to Neuroblastoma. We meet with get doctors on the 24th to discuss all of her test results and go over every single detail of the stem cell transplant process.  I'm definitely nervous about this meeting but I am also ready to have as much information as possible so I can be prepared for next month.
     This next week will continue to be full of appointments and family time. In fact at this very moment Hazel is getting her MIBG scan and is doing great! As soon as we know anything, I will let you all know, but if it takes me a few days, just know it is because Hazel and I are having a great time being with our family!


  1. Thank you god for the time you have together. My family and I love you Hazel.

  2. So glad you all got family time, what a blessing! Praying for all of you my friend, love you all so much!

  3. Praying for Hazel to grow stronger and stay stronger. What a beautiful, warm smile she always seems to show in spite of her tough battle. Hugs and prayers to all of you.

    Warmest regards,
    Amy in Northern VA

  4. Thank you for keeping us all updated and allowing us to be part of your journey. We are all keeping you and your family in our prayers. Hazel is so very lucky to have you in her corner to fight this battle. Remember to take care of yourself too!

  5. This is so great. We've been praying for you guys!!

  6. We will continue praying. In the meantime, keep enjoying your time together as a family. The prayers will be stronger and more frequent as the time approaches for the final step in Hazel's treatment.

    Please keep in mind how you have so many people all over the world holding you all in their hearts thoughts and prayers. You are such a special family, God has plans for all of you.

    Please take a breath in between "the hectic" schedule and know we love you ALL so much.

    God Bless you all~

  7. Continuing to pray for your sweet baby.