Friday, June 14, 2013

Awesome News!

    We got some awesome news yesterday and thought I would share with you all!  When our little Hazelnut was first diagnosed, one of the indicators that led to it was a urine test that measured something called Catecholamines, that are organic compounds/chemicals released through the nervous system.  Since Neuroblastoma is a nervous system tumor a doctor who suspects a patient may have a tumors will check their urine for any elevation of two specific catecholamines: Vanillylmadelic Acid (VMA) and Homovanillic Acid (HVA).  In April, Hazel's VMA was almost 5 times normal and her HVA was 11 times normal!  This was one of the determining factors in her diagnosis.  Now that she has had three rounds of Chemo, we asked to have this test done again so we could have some small indication that her tumor may be shrinking.  We just got the results yesterday!  Her VMA went down to 3.6 times normal and her HVA went down to 6 times normal!!!!!!!!!!
   Needless to say, we were so elated to hear this news, even if it is just a small piece to the puzzle.  We will know more when she gets her next scan, which will be sometime before her surgery (which comes between Cycle 5 & 6); so we should have some more information soon!  Thank you all for your prayers, God has been lifting us up with them tremendously and is doing a work in our little girl!!


  1. HI lolo
    We are glad to hear good news and seeing a fast recovery. My god continue blessing u and ur beautiful family. We love u all so much and we will continue praying.
    Love rosita and family

  2. Praise God for this wonderful news and answered prayer. We will continue praying.
    Tom and Janis Van Keuren

  3. I will keep this darling angel in my daily thoughts and prayers. God bless you Hazel! Praise the Lord for a miracle cure!

  4. What an inspiration you are, Hazel. I wish you a speedy recovery. You are a beautiful little girl. I loved reading about all the pizza you got! Stay strong sweetie!

  5. Hazelnut,
    You are the sweetest baby. I just prayed for your healing.
    Alexis Ervin

  6. God bless you my angel!!all prayers for you ..1000 pizza for u..


  7. I read about the pizza on FB! I am glad that there are still people out there that care. A speedy recovery to little Hazel. God bless you and your family.

  8. I´dont know how I got here. But i guess it´s to tell you this:
    I´m from Mexico, and I just read the whole story about your Little girl, I want to tell you that you and your family are on my prayers, my heart its with you.

    Stay strong!! Trust me I know how hard it could be, but God has too many good things for you guys. I send you love from Monterrey, Mexico, God Bless you